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What is data-empowered coaching?

Delivering impactful health improvements takes more than standard caregiving. Think about the one medical check-up you have per year: data collected at a single appointment can’t capture the evolving nature of a person's health and lifestyle.

What inspires a patient? What holds them back? Which of their small, daily behaviors are a bigger deal than they realize? It’s this type of information that completes a patient’s health portrait, and why Omada equips its Care Teams with a comprehensive communication platform and data tools.

What data does Omada collect, and how is it collected?

Throughout Omada’s 11+ year history, we’ve collected a rich data set of millions of de-identified data points (with Members’ permission) on demographics, clinical status, social drivers of health (SDOH), readings from connected devices (weight, glucose, blood pressure), and mindset to make our programs and algorithms smarter to inform highly individualized care plans.

It all starts with Care Team and Member relationships. When a person enrolls and becomes a Member of an Omada program, they’re paired with a health coach or physical therapist (PT) and a Care Team of specialists who remain dedicated to them throughout the program. From that moment on, the Member’s Care Team actively establishes rapport through Omada’s secure 1:1 instant messaging system to learn about the intricacies of the Member’s day-to-day life, finding moments to connect on beyond the topic of chronic conditions.

It’s these relationships that generate Members’ commitment to their program, and increase their connectivity to their care team who learns more about their day-to-day lifestyle, and what works for them; something that typical record-keeping and smart devices can’t capture.

This nuanced data discovered through Member-Care Team rapport adds context to data collected through devices such as continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and scales, electronic health records (EHRs) and intake surveys, generating insights that allow for personalization, which create greater engagement and commitment.

Note: As a healthcare provider, Omada only shares Member data with third parties as permitted under health privacy laws (like HIPAA) , and we absolutely never sell personal health information (PHI).

Learn more about Omada’s privacy practices and our HIPAA Notice.


Coaches use data to build personalized interventions

Coaches use these health insights to work with the member in developing a care plan that adapts to their lifestyle by increasing motivation and lowering barriers to change.

Take a tough example: holidays. Holidays and celebrations can bring on mixed emotions, from the excitement of seeing loved ones, to anxiety about derailing healthy habits.

Coaches know the struggle, and broach the subject with their Member to understand where they’re at: are they responsible for a big family meal that might edge out their morning exercise? Are they concerned they’ll appear impolite if they want to opt out of dessert?

After asking important contextual questions like these, the Coach then surfaces relevant Omada resources proactively, such as “6 ways to ease holiday stress”, “seasonal food guide”, “winter holiday dinner recipes” and more, then engages with their Member on these resources.

Did any of these resources or recommendations resonate with the Member? Are there any lifestyle changes they can put into action immediately? Coaches use these new insights to lay out a clear path to the Member’s goals.

Personalized interventions drive engagement and outcomes

Small, sustainable behaviors established in the context of Members' lives create lasting health improvement. Omada’s Members gain more trust in the interventions they receive from their Care Team as our behavior science-based approach begins to take effect.

Members are also motivated: they receive interventions in the form of actionable step-by-step plans, translated from best-in-class clinical guidelines, into delightful experiences.

The data speaks for itself:

Across the board, we see a 10-15% improvement in Members’ health behavior once they start receiving personalized interventions, and that, in turn, results in an additional 10% relative increase in weight loss.

In a population of shift manufacturing workers of a major Fortune 100 beverage company, we saw a +7.7% improvement in diet quality within two weeks of using Omada’s Prevention Program.

From an economic standpoint, we see an additional net savings of $612 on average per Member when Members take action and report improvements in diet quality —one of our behavior change leading indicators.

Finally, Members evolve with their care plans: interventions and plans are iterated on to continuously meet their changing needs.

Members build lasting behavior change and self efficacy

Data-empowered coaching exists to create impactful, lasting behavior change for people preventing or managing chronic conditions.

As Members increasingly lean on their Care Teams and take action on their care plans, their small behavior changes become healthier daily habits, unlocking better health through human support, data technology and behavior change science.