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Celebration of 1M members

One Million All-Time Members, and We’re Just Beginning

October 6, 2023

It took years of determination for Omada to enroll our first 1,000 members. When we founded Omada Health in 2011, digital health was a brand-new concept, and the idea that virtual care would someday be an industry, let alone one with significant impact, was simply a dream. 

Well, we have some big news: We’ve just crossed one million all-time members. That’s one million all-time enrollments across our programs for prediabetes & weight management, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and musculoskeletal conditions. This is a moment to reflect, celebrate, and be appreciative not just for Omada but for the digital health landscape, writ large. 

It took so much work to get to this point. Over the last 12 years, our teams have innovated around our business model, becoming one of the first companies in digital health to contract as a provider and to file claims through a value-based model. We’ve innovated in earning trust, as one of the first to have a steadfast commitment to peer-reviewed research, now having published 26 studies including an industry-only RCT. We’ve innovated against our clinical foundations, as the first (and only) virtual care provider to earn NCQA Population Health Program and URAC Telehealth accreditations. We’ve also been honored to partner with over 1,900 customers while maintaining a 95%+ client satisfaction rate. 

We’ve also been honored to partner with over
1,900 customers.

Yet most importantly, we’ve delivered a program that works, at scale, for over one million members within the context of complex and deeply human needs. We interviewed many people with metabolic disease before founding the company, so we knew from the beginning that this wouldn’t be easy. The health care system was clearly failing the people we spoke to, and our visits to their homes inspired us to push hard for a different future. We realized that lifestyle change requires a sophisticated product - we’d need to blend data-empowered coaching from human care teams, cutting-edge connected devices, trusted and clinically rigorous content, social reinforcement, and more to help our members accomplish their goals and feel supported through highs and lows. 

We’ve done this with consistency and quality as we’ve scaled, and we now have members in all 50 states and several U.S. territories. Our care teams have exchanged over 25M messages with members, and to-date, Omada members have tracked a total of over 129M meals and weighed in over 176M times. 

We now have
members in all 50 states and several U.S. territories.

These are all big numbers, and reasons to celebrate. And yet we still have progress to make, as the chronic disease incidence is getting worse. In the U.S. roughly 40M people are living with type 2 diabetes, 96M with prediabetes, 116M with hypertension, and each year 50% of adults are living with a musculoskeletal disorder. And with 90% of the nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual healthcare expenditures spent for people with chronic and mental health conditions, we need to keep running hard and dreaming big, so we can get to the tens of millions, and beyond. 

Our ambitions have never been bigger, and the opportunity ahead never brighter. From the rapid rise of GLP-1s and Omada’s program enhancements, to the incredible future that generative AI presents for companies with datasets like ours, we know that the next few years and one million more enrollments will be even more exciting than the last. 

As we enter this next chapter for the business, we want to first offer our sincere gratitude to so many: our Omadans who’ve given their all to help advance our company’s goals; our customers who’ve believed a better world was needed for their employees and members; our investors for their steadfast commitment to innovating in a difficult market; and the supportive digital health landscape from which we’ve learned. 

And most importantly, thank you to the one million all-time members who have put their trust in us and stepped forward to join the Omada program. 

– Sean & Adrian