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Long Term Results of a Digital Hypertension Self-Management Program

PUBLICATION DATE: August 24, 2023



Background: Digital health programs that incorporate frequent blood pressure (BP) self-monitoring and support for behavior change offer a scalable solution for hypertension management.

Objective: We examined the impact of a digital hypertension self-management and lifestyle change support program on BP over 12 months.

Methods: Data were analyzed from a retrospective observational cohort of commercially insured members (n=1117) that started the Omada for Hypertension program between January 1, 2019, and September 30, 2021. Paired t tests and linear regression were used to measure the changes in systolic blood pressure (SBP) over 12 months overall and by SBP control status at baseline (≥130 mm Hg vs <130 mm Hg).

Results: Members were on average 50.9 years old, 50.8% (n=567) of them were female, 60.5% (n=675) of them were White, and 70.5% (n=788) of them had uncontrolled SBP at baseline (≥130 mm Hg). At 12 months, all members (including members with controlled and uncontrolled BP at baseline) and those with uncontrolled SBP at baseline experienced significant mean reductions in SBP (mean -4.8 mm Hg, 95% CI -5.6 to -4.0; -8.1 mm Hg, 95% CI -9.0 to -7.1, respectively; both P<.001). Members with uncontrolled SBP at baseline also had significant reductions in diastolic blood pressure (-4.7 mm Hg; 95% CI -5.3 to -4.1), weight (-6.5 lbs, 95% CI -7.7 to -5.3; 2.7% weight loss), and BMI (-1.1 kg/m2; 95% CI -1.3 to -0.9; all P<.001). Those with controlled SBP at baseline maintained within BP goal range. Additionally, 48% (418/860) of members with uncontrolled BP at baseline experienced enough change in BP to improve their BP category.

Conclusions: This study provides real-world evidence that a comprehensive digital health program involving hypertension education, at-home BP monitoring, and behavior change coaching support was effective for self-managing hypertension over 12 months.

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