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Omada Health Unveils the Omada Insights Lab, a Cross-Functional, Data-Driven Initiative Aiming to Transform Healthcare Delivery and Outcomes

The Omada Insights Lab leverages over a billion data points across more than 450,000 members’ interactions to individualize and optimize care delivery, improve health outcomes, and drive down costs for Omada’s members and customers.

SAN FRANCISCO -- April 8, 2021 -- Driven by its expansion to an integrated platform across five conditions, today, virtual care provider Omada Health unveils the Omada Insights Lab, its internal initiative that leverages Omada’s deep multi-disciplinary expertise to transform care delivery and apply learnings into innovative, cost-effective interventions. The Omada Insights Lab leverages its internal expertise across five cross-functional teams: data science, behavior science, clinical design, product design, and care delivery to optimize its healthcare programs. Having recently added Musculoskeletal to Omada’s integrated platform, Omada has unique visibility across conditions on how to refine, optimize, and  improve the individualized care Omada provides to help its members. 

“Data-driven insights have the potential to drive the future of  healthcare. Since our founding 10 years ago, Omada has learned through extensive product testing and analyses how to bring together deep data sets, diverse expertise, and tools for rapid testing with our care delivery teams to continuously improve and innovate on care delivery,” said Sean Duffy, Omada co-founder and CEO. “Today, we’re taking this approach a step further with the Omada Insights Lab, sharing our learnings from our unparalleled amount of data to work to advance care delivery not only within our programs but also more broadly within the industry.”

Leveraging over a billion data points from more than 450,000 members’ interactions over the last decade, the Omada Insights Lab has driven insights and learnings that enable Omada’s care teams and its platform to rapidly and consistently innovate and improve how Omada delivers the individualized care provided across Omada Health’s five conditions. By scaling care pathways that work and removing ones that don’t, Omada is able to power better long-term outcomes for members and drive down costs for customers. 

The Omada Insights Lab team recently executed a care delivery analysis among its diabetes prevention members that showed care team feedback outpaced many other factors in driving weight loss outcomes. The analysis examined automated nudges, automated group reminders for members to track their meals, meal time push notification reminders, and care team feedback to members. While all of the interventions worked to drive an increase in meal tracking frequency, only care team feedback drove increases in weight loss. The analysis shows that member-care team rapport correlates strongly with health outcomes, as members who interact with their care team or community in the first week of the program are 24% more likely to achieve their health goals, and members who message their care teams are twice as likely to achieve positive health outcomes. The members who completed their goals are 50% more likely to achieve their health outcomes targets and those who complete goals with care team support are 250% more likely to achieve outcomes. As a result of these insights, the interdisciplinary Omada Insights Lab teams decreased the use of automated nudges and implemented strategies to strengthen the member-care team relationship, creating additional opportunities for our care teams to provide feedback and build rapport between members and their care teams.

“The wellness industry has historically focused on incentivizing and nudging members to boost short-term engagement at the cost of long-term outcomes,” said Dr. Jennifer La Guardia, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Product and Behavior Science at Omada Health. “From the beginning, Omada has focused on optimizing long-term health and well-being. We have tested and prioritized key strategies backed by behavior science, such as goal setting, self-monitoring, and relationship-based aspects of our program like peer communities & care team interactions. Through our learnings from the Omada Insights Lab we are able to deliver the best care and drive positive health outcomes for our members.” 

“Personalized and effective digital care is incredibly important, especially in the wake of COVID-19,” said Ryan Quan, Director of Data Science at Omada Health. “As healthcare visits were delayed, so was the collection of patient data which informs healthcare outcomes. That’s why Omada Insights Lab is so crucial. Since its inception, Omada has provided members with virtual care between traditional healthcare visits -- we meet members in the moments when they are attempting to implement behavior changes. The Omada Insights Lab has and continues to learn from this rich history of virtual interactions to reinforce the approaches that are the most effective for the long-term health of our members and change the unit economics of care delivery.”

For more information on how Omada is making a difference through its Insights Lab, join us at Mindset 2021. Register here.


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Omada Health combines the latest clinical protocols with breakthrough behavior science to make it possible for people with chronic conditions to achieve long term improvements in their health. Working with over 1,500 customers – including Fortune 500 and small- and medium-sized employers, health plans, and health systems – the company delivers personalized interventions for diabetes and diabetes prevention, hypertension, musculoskeletal issues and behavioral health. Omada Health’s digital care programs are clinically supported and evidence-based, and have had its results published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. Omada builds programs that employees don’t just try, but stick with – resulting in reduced healthcare costs that deliver long term changes in health behavior and increased ROI. 

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