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Omada Health Musculoskeletal Program Experiences More than 250% Year-Over-Year Growth in Member Enrollment

Omada Inks New Deals with Costco Wholesale and HealthPartners to Address Pain and Mobility Issues

San Francisco, January 19, 2022 --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Omada Health announces exponential growth in its Musculoskeletal (MSK) program with a more than 250% increase in member enrollment year-over-year, covering more than 2 million lives. Costco Wholesale and HealthPartners expanded their partnerships with Omada to help treat those with MSK conditions. MSK conditions include injuries and disorders that affect the human body's movement or musculoskeletal system. These issues can range in variety and severity from carpal tunnel syndrome to chronic back pain. 

More than 1.7 billion people struggle with MSK issues worldwide, and the cost of care can be debilitating and lead to increased workers’ compensation costs, lost wages, and lost productivity that range between $45 and $54 billion annually. This burden is even more significant for people with multiple chronic conditions—58% of individuals with diabetes also have MSK conditions. To continue to provide quality care to their members, Omada expanded their offering into MSK when they acquired Physera in 2020, bringing virtual physical therapy to members on their smartphone, including Computer Vision technology to accurately measure a members’ movement and range of motion, enabling their dedicated licensed physical therapist to provide customized treatment plans to quickly and effectively manage joint and muscle pain. 

“The growth we’ve experienced year-over-year is a clear indicator that Omada Health’s approach to musculoskeletal conditions is very much needed,” said Todd Norwood, PT, DPT, director of clinical services at Omada Health. “Musculoskeletal concerns will likely impact everyone at some point in their lives, and we believe the most effective and successful care happens at the intersection of data, technology and human-led care. In as little as 24 hours, our members are able to schedule with our physical therapists who are armed with the tools and insights they need to precisely assess musculoskeletal conditions and guide our members down the path to recovery.”

Within the last year alone, members enrolled in the Omada Health MSK program have reported: 

  • 67% minimum clinically important difference (MCID) in pain reduction* 
  • 74% average total function improvement
  • 88% are highly engaged in the program

Costco Wholesale, one of the largest retailers with 165,000 employees, is a longtime Omada Health partner, joining the Prevention program in 2014 and expanding into the Diabetes program. Costco received positive feedback on these programs, with 90% of their employees reporting positively on employee surveys. This led Costco to expand into the MSK program in 2021 to address growing pain-related issues across their population. 

“At Costco, we pride ourselves in giving back to our employees and their health is at the top of our list,” said Celeste Parker, Benefits and Relocation Manager at Costco. “With the expansion into the musculoskeletal program, we’re now able to address a wide range of chronic conditions. We are confident that through Omada Health’s effective approach, we’ll be able to improve on musculoskeletal issues soon.”

This year, HealthPartners, a regional health plan in Minnesota Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa, also added the Omada MSK program. As a longstanding partner since 2015 with over 11,300 members enrolled in Omada Health programs, HealthPartners now offers all of Omada Health’s programs to their commercial fully insured large group and small group members. 

“Across our health plans, we are continually looking for opportunities to make care and coverage simpler and more affordable for our members,” said Dr. Kevin Ronneberg, Vice President of Health Initiatives, Medical Director. “Our partnership with Omada Health is one way we’re improving access to care services to improve our members' health outcomes.”

Omada Health continues to have a successful year across their additional programs with customer wins including: The State of Alaska and Metro Nashville Public Schools. 

To learn more about Omada for MSK and more, please visit us here:

*MCID is defined as a cutoff point for a self-reported outcome measure (pain or functional scale) that corresponds to the amount of change a patient would say is important or meaningful.