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The Human Element: Designing a Digital Care Strategy for a Diverse Workforce

The COVID-19 era represents one of the most challenging moments in the history of benefits design and administration. In a blink, companies have been forced to adapt to remote workforces and equip their employees with new solutions amidst a pandemic. But the most successful businesses have trusted partners to turn to; in this session, representatives from Dow and Omada Health discuss the evolution of their partnership, including early stages, verifying outcomes, and expanding as both companies move towards the future of delivering digital care where, and when, employees need it most.

At the 2020 Employee Health Care Conference, Wei-Li Shao, Omada's Chief Commercial Officer, and Peggy Sczepanski, Regional Health Promotion Coordinator of Dow explore how to design a digital care strategy for a diverse workforce, all while keeping human connection at the core.