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Webinar: GLP-1s & the Business of Treating Obesity & Diabetes

GLP-1s have taken the healthcare industry – and pop culture – by storm as an effective class of medication to help treat chronic obesity. The exploding popularity of GLP-1s for weight loss has created new challenges for employers and payers alike as they grapple with how to cover these pricey drugs. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the history of GLP-1s in the midst of the rise of obesity and type-2 diabetes in the U.S., why a clinically-rigorous approach to diabetes prevention and care is so important, and the big picture of what GLP-1s mean for the business of treating diabetes and obesity.

Our 60 minute webinar on June 28th, 2023 explored the following:

  • Balancing GLP-1s as an effective medication with strategies to deliver savings
  • Improving outcomes by pairing GLP-1s with evidence-based behavior change
  • Evaluating benefit philosophy regarding coverage of weight loss medications



Sean Duffy, Co-founder and CEO, Omada Health

Sean Duffy is the Co-founder and CEO of Omada Health, a virtual-first care provider that blends clinical protocols with behavior science to help people with chronic conditions achieve long term improvements in their health. Starting his journey in healthcare nearly twenty years ago, he held positions at both Google and IDEO before founding Omada Health. 

Sean is recognized as a thought leader on the future of healthcare. He has published pieces in the New England Journal of Medicine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and TechCrunch, among other publications and he has spoken at notable conferences such as the World Economic Forum and HLTH.  A former MD/MBA candidate at Harvard, he holds a BS in neuroscience from Columbia University.


Prachi Nagda, MD, MPA, Clinical Services Physician, Mercer

A seasoned physician executive and consultant, Dr. Prachi Nagda brings years of experience managing and advising large employers on total human capital management including benefit, network design, and wellness strategies integrated with productivity impact. She is the national leader for high value care, which includes high performance network, advanced primary care, onsite/ worksite clinic, centers of excellence, cancer and virtual care solutions, helping clients of all sizes identify the optimal solution. 

In her current role, Prachi assists employers with a diverse range of initiatives to move from volume to value while maximizing member experience. She has significant expertise in the area of high-value care solutions leveraging clinical informatics and SDoH to drive engagement. She has led a number of initiatives including clinical informatics and micro-segmentation, population health augmented with social determinants of health, member engagement via care management, and wellness programs. Altogether, she has over 15 years of health industry experience.