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Life After GLP-1s: How to Prevent Weight Regain in Your Population

If GLP-1s are a miracle drug to treat obesity, where does ongoing weight maintenance fit into the conversation? After all, weight is hard to lose, but even harder to keep off. Millions of GLP-1 users will likely stop taking the drugs eventually due to cost, personal preferences, or other reasons. Questions remain about how they’ll fare long-term. 

Watch this 1-hour Omada Health webinar with a Q&A portion included. Our speakers will lend their vast experience and clinical expertise to unpack best practices for maximizing weight maintenance investments. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Why is it so hard for people to maintain weight loss? What is the physiology behind this?
  • What does the evidence say are the best interventions to help people maintain their weight loss?
  • What programming should benefits leaders choose to maximize weight maintenance after high-cost treatments?

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