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Omada Health Launches Physician-Guided Care Program, the First Virtual Cardiometabolic Clinic

First-of-its Kind Integrated Platform to Further Support Members with Chronic Conditions

SAN FRANCISCO -- April 14, 2021 -- Today Omada Health announced the launch of Physician-Guided Care for diabetes and hypertension, creating the first virtual cardiometabolic clinic. Omada is adding virtual consultations with physicians for members who need more help controlling their conditions. Members will now have access to behavior change support, diabetes/hypertension management and education, devices and monitoring, and medical management of diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia all in one place. The multidisciplinary, virtual clinic care team will include physicians, health coaches, and diabetes educators, working together to improve members’ health. 

Individuals diagnosed with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension have to navigate a maze of silos to manage their conditions, including doctors, educational resources, monitoring devices, labs and medication. Coordinating data, care instructions and appointments across what can be dozens of touchpoints leads to gaps in care. Data shows between 30% and >90% of people with diabetes are not receiving elements of the care and support they need. Integrated clinics are working to tackle this challenge by combining care teams, appointments and data all in one place, but these in-person resources are scarce, costly and hard to scale.

Omada began building the foundation for an integrated virtual clinic ten years ago, by creating a digital platform driving lifestyle behavior change. Starting with that hardest challenge - changing people’s behavior - Omada has added care programs over the years for mental health, musculoskeletal conditions, and diabetes and hypertension management, as well as enhanced monitoring capabilities. This includes continuous glucose monitors that are now available to eligible members as a part of Omada’s diabetes program. Now, with Physician-Guided Care, Omada is adding the ability to integrate medication prescription, medication management, and lab orders and results, providing the support a member needs between visits with their primary care physician in a truly scalable, accessible way.

For members, this level of care means their data and their care experiences are integrated and coordinated. Each care team member knows their health history, their latest CGM and other device readings, and has access to their lab data. The Member can access that same information, right on their smartphone. This data also flows back to the member’s primary care physician, when they have one. This all means the member doesn’t have to do the work of managing the bureaucracy of healthcare, and can instead focus on improving their health. 

“At Omada, we’re defining a new era of health – an era that is built on a belief that everyone with a chronic condition can improve their health,” said Carolyn Jasik, MD, Omada Health’s Chief Medical Officer. “Omada’s new, virtual-first care platform offers a way to supplement meaningful in-person care and create a surround sound experience for members battling complex conditions.” 

This expansion of Omada’s programs will help members have access to care that is more efficient, more effective, and integrated into the in-person ecosystem. The platform gives members tools to: 

  • Follow their care plans and meet their goals
  • Make the most of in-person visits 
  • Securely access their own health information at any time
  • Benefit from clinicians, coaches and specialists armed with their latest data
  • Ultimately take control of their own health


Omada plans to expand its Physician-Guided Care into its pre-diabetes and weight management, behavioral health, and musculoskeletal programs starting in 2022. 

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About Omada Health

Omada Health combines the latest clinical protocols with breakthrough behavior science to make it possible for people with chronic conditions to achieve long term improvements in their health. Working with over 1,500 customers – including Fortune 500 and small- and medium-sized employers, health plans, and health systems – the company delivers personalized interventions for diabetes and diabetes prevention, hypertension, musculoskeletal issues and behavioral health. Omada Health’s digital care programs are clinically supported and evidence-based, and have had its results published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. Omada builds programs that employees don’t just try, but stick with – resulting in reduced healthcare costs that deliver long term changes in health behavior and increased ROI. 


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