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Omada Health Expanding to Serve Individuals with Depression and Anxiety

Leading Digital Healthcare Provider will Integrate Software from Lantern Health to Support New Program for Mental Health

San Francisco, CA (January 7, 2019) - Omada Health today announced the company will launch new programming for individuals dealing with depression and anxiety, building on the company’s industry-leading approach to digital care. Omada will utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) software from Lantern, a mental health startup with demonstrated effectiveness in addressing these issues. Omada will also expand behavioral health support elements within its existing programs for obesity-related chronic disease.

“Our vision for Omada has always been to provide individuals with a comprehensive suite of evidence-based digital programs to improve their health across a variety of conditions”, said Omada’s co-founder and CEO Sean Duffy. “We know how to deliver personalized interventions at scale -- and we know how to effectively partner with health plans and employers. Leveraging our channels to deliver CBT for depression and anxiety will enable us to provide a more comprehensive offering, and deliver care to an entirely new clinical population. The opportunity to solidify this unique relationship with Lantern, and to build on the foundation their software and clinical protocols provide, was one that aligned perfectly with our goals.”

Nearly twenty percent of American adults are affected by mental health conditions, and depression and anxiety are among the top five drivers of annual healthcare costs. The American Heart Association estimates that depression alone costs the U.S. economy more than $210 billion annually, with 50 percent of that burden shouldered by employers. The prevalence of depression and anxiety is significantly higher among those already suffering from obesity-related chronic conditions. Nearly 75 percent of those with depression are overweight or obese, while 62 percent of those with anxiety fit into one of the same two BMI categories. CBT is a scientifically-proven approach for reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and disordered eating.

“The unmet need for evidence-based mental health care, especially among those with obesity-related chronic disease, is enormous,” added Omada’s VP of Medical Affairs Carolyn Bradner Jasik, MD. “Depression and Anxiety are a known barrier to healthy behaviors including medication adherence, optimal nutrition, and seeking timely preventive care. With the addition of CBT curriculum, we can more fully support our participants as they manage their conditions.  And, through our digital platform, we can do it at scale.”

As part of the company’s expansion, Omada will also hire professional coaches trained to deliver CBT and build intake processes so that individuals dealing with multiple comorbidities receive comprehensive, personalized care. Lantern’s curriculum was built in partnership with experts at Stanford University, Penn State University, and Washington University in St. Louis. Studies of the programs demonstrated effectiveness in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and preventing and reducing disordered eating behavior.

“Last August, we made it clear that our sincere hope was for someone to create a sustainable business delivering digital mental healthcare through the existing system,” said Lantern co-founder and CEO Alejandro Foung. “We’re proud to support Omada Health to realize that exact promise. Lantern’s program reduces symptoms, outpatient encounters, and medical spend; I am confident Omada’s successful channel partnerships will enable the delivery of those results at scale.”

About Omada Health
Omada Health is a digital behavioral medicine company that inspires and enables people at risk for, and with, obesity-related chronic conditions to build sustainable habits that improve their health. The company is the largest CDC-recognized provider of the National Diabetes Prevention Program, and since its founding, has enrolled more than 200,000 participants. Omada’s program combines proven behavioral science, the power of professional health coaches and peer groups, connected technology, and world-class design to deliver clinically-meaningful results. Omada Health was named a 2016 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, and one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2017. To learn more, visit