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New Data Published by Omada Health Demonstrates the Impact of Coupling GLP-1s and Behavior Change Programming

Findings show that meaningfully engaged Omada members on GLP-1s achieved an average of 1.7 times greater weight loss, and inform a new collaboration with Evernorth's EncircleRx program.


SAN FRANCISCO -- March 8, 2024 – Omada Health, a virtual-first healthcare provider, announces its evidence-based behavior change program as one of the lifestyle support programs through EncircleRx, an Express Scripts by Evernorth solution, to help employers and health plans manage cardiodiabesity (obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease). The Omada program is designed to help bolster the weight loss of EncircleRx members using GLP-1 medications for weight management. 

With forecasted use of weight management drugs increasing to approximately nine percent of the U.S. population by 2030, Omada believes it is important to help members adopt behaviors that can improve long-term weight health before, during, and after GLP-1 use. The Omada program is designed to support members at scale in maintaining weight loss through lifestyle modifications delivered by proactive data-empowered care teams and connected devices. 

In the first output from the new ANSWERS Initiative, Omada partnered with Evernorth to demonstrate the real-world impact of GLP-1s alongside behavior change programs and how this collaboration can improve outcomes. The retrospective analysis found that individuals in the Omada for Prevention program who were using GLP-1s for weight loss had statistically better results when highly engaged in the Omada behavior change program. Members who took GLP-1s and were meaningfully engaged in the Omada program lost an average of 1.7 times more weight at 12 months than members who used the medications and were less engaged in the program. 

“Customers care about improving engagement and outcomes, and these results reinforce that combining Omada’s compassionate care, amplified by technology, with GLP-1s can help enhance the value of these medications,” said Omada Health President Wei-Li Shao. “We’re familiar with the needs of employers, and we’ve seen that many need help creating well-rounded weight management programs. Our hope is that collaborating with Evernorth through this solution will simplify the process of managing GLP-1 use, while focusing on long-term member outcomes and experience.” 

Omada Health provides a behavior change platform designed to seamlessly support members at scale during and after GLP-1 use. This partnership follows Omada’s GLP-1-related product enhancements announced earlier this year. Find more about Omada Health’s approach to GLP-1 medications and coverage here

Omada Health

Omada Health is a virtual-first healthcare provider that nurtures lifelong health, one day at a time. Omada care teams implement clinically validated behavior change protocols for individuals living with diabetes, hypertension, prediabetes, weight health and musculoskeletal issues. With more than a decade of experience and data, and 28 peer-reviewed publications that showcase its clinical and economic results, Omada can improve health outcomes and help contain healthcare costs. Omada’s scope exceeds 1,900 customers, including health plans, health systems, and employers ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500s. 

The foundation of Omada’s success is a strong, vibrant work culture, which helped earn the company the distinction of becoming an officially certified Great Place to Work. An industry leader, Omada is the first virtual provider to join the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Leadership Alliance, reflecting the aim to complement primary care providers for the benefit of members, and affirming its guarantee to every partner: Omada works differently.