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Clinical Rigor White Paper

In this paper, we’ll lay out our view on what customers should look for and what questions they should ask when evaluating digital health offerings.

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Setting a New Standard

Empowering Buyers to Demand Better when Purchasing Digital Health Products

The digital health industry has a credibility problem. In recent years, funding for digital health companies has grown from $4.8B in 2015 to $29.1B by year end 2021 as the market has increasingly recognized the potential impact digital care can have on outcomes.1 But the frenzy driving this funding has also given rise to an influx of products that are not clinical grade, leaving patients and business buyers questioning whether or not they can trust the promises they hear from vendors.

At Omada, it is our mission to do right by our members and customers, so we base our programs on clinically validated protocols and seek quality recognition from national accreditors. We believe that rigorous clinical research and scientific evidence should be at the heart and soul of every digital health offering – because our members deserve care that upholds clinical best practices, and our customers deserve to have confidence in the products they buy. In this white paper we will cover: 

The Follow-Though Problem: Digital Health’s Unkept Promises

What to Look for when Purchasing a Digital Health Offering

Omada’s Clinical-Grade Approach

Cutting Through The Noise: A Buyer’s Quick Guide to Demanding Clinical Rigor in Digital Health Offerings

Download the full white paper for a deeper understanding about the key indicators of clinical rigor that will allow you to make an informed purchasing decision and learn more about Omada Health’s approach to clinical rigor.