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Omada Health Launches GLP-1-Specific Program for Patients Battling Chronic Obesity

SAN FRANCISCO -- May 24, 2023 – Omada Health, a virtual-first healthcare provider, announced a specialized program enhancement for members taking GLP-1s, in response to the growing interest and demand for the medication. In line with FDA guidelines and research for GLP-1s for sustained, long-term weight loss, Omada’s program enhancements are designed to support behavior and lifestyle change in conjunction with the medication. 

“We have been supporting members on GLP-1s since we launched our diabetes management program in 2019, and our new program enhancements provide care specialized for members’ use of these medications,” said Sean Duffy, Co-Founder and CEO of Omada Health. “Medication coverage in the absence of simultaneous behavior change is a lost opportunity for the responsible use of GLP-1s. Conversely, coupling the two together gives people the best chance to achieve long-term, sustained weight loss, and avoid a lifetime reliance on the medicines.”

Omada’s program focuses on four product updates to incorporate behavior change alongside medication and create infrastructure capabilities to complement reimbursement policies, including: 

  1. Rigorous training for Omada’s Care Delivery Team: Specialized training for our health coaches and specialists on how to help members taking GLP-1s for weight management;
  2. Free lifestyle change resources: Proprietary, clinically-based educational materials to help members taking GLP-1s manage side effects, guide appropriate use, and mitigate weight gain when they decide to go off; 
  3. Community support: Adding a moderated GLP-1-specific peer group to Omada’s in-program community offerings to build a support system for people going through the journey of being on GLP-1 therapy; 
  4. Services to support employers and PBMs with administering coverage policies: Omada’s technology and infrastructure can support our partners with operationalizing reimbursement policies for the responsible use of GLP-1s.

"The evidence is clear that GLP-1 medications without comprehensive behavioral support puts patients at risk for weight regain once the medication is stopped," said Dr. Carolyn Bradner Jasik, Chief Medical Officer of Omada Health. "A prescription alone does not change habits, but adding sustained support from a behavior change program can."

The FDA label of GLP-1s for weight management includes explicit language that the medicine be used as an adjunct to diet and exercise, and Omada’s new capabilities help support operationalizing this directive for patients’ benefit. Omada’s approach seeks to tackle concerns raised about GLP-1s. Studies show most people gain weight following the cessation of these drugs. More so, the price tag could make it cost prohibitive for many employers and health plans. To learn more about how Omada is supporting both members and customers around GLP-1s visit here.

Omada Health

Omada Health is a virtual-first healthcare provider that nurtures lifelong health, one day at a time. Our care teams implement clinically-validated behavior change protocols for individuals living with prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, and musculoskeletal issues for consistent improvements that stack up. With more than a decade of experience and data, and 24 peer-reviewed publications that showcase our clinical and economic results, we both improve health outcomes and contain healthcare costs. Our scope exceeds 1,800 customers, including health plans, health systems, and employers ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500s. 

Omada is the first virtual provider to join the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Leadership Alliance, reflecting our aim to complement primary care providers for the benefit of our members, and affirming our  guarantee to every partner: Omada works different.