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American Eagle Case Study

See how American Eagle Outfitters employees shed 1,251 pounds in 26 weeks using Omada, a digital care solution designed for better long term associate health.

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Sure it all sounds great in theory.

But how does it play out in practice?

See How Employees at American Eagle

Shed 1,251 Pounds in 26 Weeks

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) knew how crucial it was to offer a benefit that resonated with its population and met the needs of its unique workforce. AEO was on the hunt for a preventative and innovative digital care solution that was:

Deeply personalized and highly empathetic.

Easy to implement from the very beginning.

Designed to promote strong engagement & sustainable results.

Through Cigna—a long-time Omada collaborator—AEO chose a digital care solution designed for better long term associate health, simple and frictionless implementation, and consistent engagement from participants over the course of the Diabetes Prevention program, where weight loss is the key clinical outcome.

Omada is one of themost comprehensive digital care providers out on the market today that focuses on holistic health and well-being.

Anthony Jarusinski
Manager Benefits, AEO Inc.

See how Omada helps employers like American Eagle reduce medical spend and inspire lasting gratitude from employees here.