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Omada Health Expands Insights Lab to Advance Industry Learnings on Long-Term Weight Health

Building on more than a decade of insights and 28 peer-reviewed publications, Omada announces plans to develop more learnings focused on the long-term outcomes of GLP-1s on weight health

SAN FRANCISCO -- February 26, 2024 – Omada Health, the virtual-first healthcare provider, announced an expansion of the Omada Insights Lab to leverage its over 1 million all-time enrollments with plans to study the impact of coupling behavior change with GLP-1s for weight loss. As part of this expansion, Omada will establish the ANSWERS (ANalyzing Success of WEight medication with Real-world evidence and Stats) Initiative with plans to share research and insights specific to GLP-1s to complement the company’s already robust library of 28 peer-reviewed publications. 

As an extension of the Omada Insights Lab, the ANSWERS Initiative plans to evaluate factors associated with medication usage and the relationship between lifestyle program participation and both near- and long-term weight health, with and without GLP-1 use, at a population level. With over a decade of experience in behavior change support and intervention, Omada’s future findings may leverage the more than three billion health data points derived from member and care team interactions, cellular connected devices, tracked meals, and more. 

“The industry is burdened with unanswered questions on access, cost, and optimized duration of these medications in the real world. The ANSWERS Initiative hopes to fill those gaps to support our members and partners as they make decisions about the use of GLP-1s,” said Omada Health’s Chief Medical Officer Carolyn Bradner Jasik, MD. “Omada has a long history of commitment to research to demonstrate the efficacy of behavior change programming to improve chronic disease management. We’re thrilled to apply that expertise to studying the impact of behavior change alongside medications like GLP-1s.”

The next planned project will examine real-world evidence on the effectiveness of the Omada program on weight maintenance following GLP-1 discontinuation. Omada also intends to evaluate the impact of its planned investment in new GLP-1 capabilities, which include exercise support, announced earlier this month.

Omada’s behavior change programs offer customized support designed to help members make lasting changes during and after GLP-1s through supportive coaching, data-driven insights, personalized care, and goal setting. Some real-world analyses have shown that discontinuation rates are high, and additional research demonstrated that one year after patients stopped taking GLP-1s, they regained on average two-thirds of the weight they lost. Omada believes that behavioral support both on and off medication is key, but research is lacking in this area. 

Omada has published analyses providing dynamic insights and multi-disciplinary analysis highlighting strengths and limitations in virtual-first care. This includes findings on how coach-led interventions can lead to lasting behavior change, a retrospective study on the long-term results of the Omada for Diabetes program, and a report on how member mindset change could be a critical factor in changing behavior and outcomes in chronic condition programs. 

Omada Health

Omada Health is a virtual-first healthcare provider that nurtures lifelong health, one day at a time. Omada care teams implement clinically-validated behavior change protocols for individuals living with diabetes, hypertension, prediabetes, weight health and musculoskeletal issues. With more than a decade of experience and data, and 28 peer-reviewed publications that showcase its clinical and economic results, Omada improves health outcomes and contains healthcare costs. Omada’s scope exceeds 1,900 customers, including health plans, health systems, and employers ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500s. 

The foundation of Omada’s success is a strong, vibrant work culture, which helped earn the company the distinction of becoming an officially certified Great Place to Work. An industry leader, Omada is the first virtual provider to join the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Leadership Alliance, reflecting the aim to complement primary care providers for the benefit of members, and affirming its guarantee to every partner: Omada works different.