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Omada Health Announces Integrated Behavioral Health Support Across Chronic Care Programs

The digital health company deepens its investment in behavioral health across core programs

SAN FRANCISCO -- March 9, 2022 – On the heels of Omada Health’s $192 million Series E, the digital health company announced at Mindset 2022 today that it’s investing more deeply in its collaborative care model by embedding its behavioral health support into all existing programs (Diabetes Prevention, Diabetes Management, Hypertension and Musculoskeletal).

As a virtual-first care leader, Omada is continually evolving its programs with a goal of providing better, more integrated care to those living with chronic conditions. This latest integration offers members care that approaches both mental and physical health equally to help remove barriers and lead to better outcomes. This update will allows members to have access to the following: 

  • Upfront assessment of mental health symptoms for anxiety and depression
  • Detailed resources to address social determinants of health, including access to healthcare, food insecurity, and barriers in their built environment
  • Tools to address specific behavioral challenges based on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, including stress management and sleep lessons  
  • Care teams enhanced by ongoing training and mental health specialist support to better support behavioral health 
  • Out of scope of services, including triaging high-risk situations and guiding immediate intervention in moments of crisis 

“Omada Health has always viewed support for mental health as a key component to overall well-being. Our latest investment in integrating support across our programs further solidifies that commitment,” said Jennifer La Guardia, Senior Director of Clinical and Behavior Science, Omada Health. “With nearly half of our members identifying behavioral health symptoms, we’re now offering them even more personalized care to help them understand and overcome these challenges.” 

The mental health crisis has reached a point of reckoning across the U.S. Currently, 52 million American adults are struggling with mental health concerns – 21% of the population. Mental health issues have often been siloed from other health issues, but they are deeply intertwined when it comes to overall health. Among Omada Health members, 47% show elevated behavioral health symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Addressing these issues for people with medical conditions offers significant potential for cost savings by driving better healthcare treatment compliance and improved overall health outcomes. 

Additionally, to address chronic conditions more completely, Omada Health is rolling out ways to better identify those with chronic pain and treat these concerns more effectively. The physical therapists within Omada Health’s MSK platform have always understood the critical connection between behavioral health and chronic pain, but now they have additional tools to put forward an approach that first focuses on mindset to manage chronic pain.

 Seventy-eight percent of Americans prefer drug-free pain management over opioids, and initiating physical therapy at the onset of an episode may reduce future opioid use. CDC guidelines also state that nonpharmacologic therapy is preferred for chronic pain. As the opioid epidemic continues, Omada Health is looking to improve its approach for those suffering from chronic pain. 

“Patients managing chronic pain, similar to our members living with diabetes, have historically not had all of their needs met by the healthcare system,'' said Kurt Seefeld, VP of Product at Omada Health. “At Omada Health, we are empowering members no matter their challenges. We are now rolling out ways to better integrate behavioral and physical health with a mindset-first approach, to deliver more effective care.” 

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Omada Health delivers integrated, virtual care across chronic conditions, a top clinical need for employers and health plans. By combining clinical best practices with the science of behavior change, Omada Health improves member health and reduces the cost of care. Working with over 1,700+ customers — including health plans, health systems, and employers ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500s across a wide variety of industries — Omada delivers personalized interventions for diabetes, diabetes prevention, hypertension, and musculoskeletal issues. All programs include integrated behavioral health support. Omada Health’s virtual care programs are clinically supported and evidence-based, with results published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. To learn more, visit

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