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Mindset 2022

On March 9th & 10th Omada hosted Mindset Summit 2022, our 4th annual virtual care summit, showcasing the latest innovations in virtual-first chronic care, and the effect of mindset change on ROI.  Thought leaders like Dr. Tali Sharot and Dr. Alia Crum, as well as industry trailblazers from Evernorth, Koch, Danone, BASF, Cigna, DaVita, and other innovative organizations, came together to share valuable perspectives on the impact of virtual-first care, data, and behavior change on health outcomes.



Our goal was to showcase the latest innovations in virtual-first chronic care, why behavior science is the key to better benefits, and how mindset change is the only real way to increase long-term ROI. These two half-day sessions will addresses:
  • Leveraging healthy mindsets to improve ROI.
  • Unlocking lasting change through behavioral science.
  • The era of virtual first chronic care and advancements in integrated care.
 All session recordings are now available on-demand for you to view.

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